Mission Statement

Our goal for Lovett O-Week 2018 is to build a community of accepting individuals with diverse cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds in which the New Students can find stability, opportunity, support, and compassion. We hope for each New Student to come out of O-Week with at least one person they can relate to academically, socially, or culturally. We aim to accomplish this by fostering open, genuine, and long-lasting relationships that encourage meaningful interactions between the New Students, Advisors, the Lovett Adult Team and the members of the greater Lovett and Rice community. Our O-Week's goal is to help integrate the New Students into Rice in a way that gives them the comfort and the freedom to develop as individuals and to explore all aspects of Rice University both academically and socially. At its core, Lovett can be a home for all students, and we hope O-Week brings together the people that make that possible.

Meet Your Coordinators

Blessing Felix-Okoroji.
Patrick Young.
Maximilian Murdoch.

Three people you can always talk to.

Blessing Felix '19

Blessing Felix


Lovett '19 | BIO | Corpus Christi, TX

The best way you theoretically could have started off college is with a Blessing Felix-Okoroji as your O-Week Coordinator, so CONGRATULATIONS (*cue Post Malone*), you’re already destined to have the best 4 years of your life, no matter what your astrology sign. Blessing is one of the coolest, realest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet: she’ll tell you just how it is, no tea no shade, and somehow it’s always just what you needed to hear. This Corpus Christi native, Nigerian princess has also rightfully earned the title of Lovett’s SassMaster for a reason. So who needs a dumb sword when her wit can cut your enemies into tiny, bite-size pieces? Now we know what you’re thinking: this African-dancing, angel-singing, fun-loving Biological Sciences major, pre-med fry-muncher is just too flawless and...unrelatable. Nope. The fact that she binge-watches the same amount of TV in a week that a normal person gets through in a year and goes through huge existential crises when not getting perfect Buzzfeed quiz scores on anything Beyoncé makes her human just like us. She’s always been there for us, fiercely loyal and irreplaceable, through the bad times as well as the good. But don’t worry, she has such a huge heart that she has room for you too. Also, please bug her about anything to do with essays. Blessing LOVES writing essays! Additionally, if you somehow don’t see her in the Lovett Commons, go to whatever place has free food and she’ll be there 100% guaranteed.

- Akin Bruce and Stephanie Yang (Lovett '19)

Patrick Young '19

Patrick Young


Lovett '19 | CSCI, BUSI | Mamaroneck, NY

Ever wanted to get to know the cutest O-Week Coordinator on campus? Well now you get the chance. Meet Patrick, the most intelligent and athletic Cognitive Sciences major and Business minor. Hailing from Mamaroneck, NY, this die-hard Steelers fan channels his passion for football on the field as Lovett’s premier IM quarterback. When he isn’t making game-winning plays on the field or coaching/ coordinating Powderpuff, he can also be found selflessly serving the Lovett community, having previously served as both a Beer Bike and Associates Coordinator. Even though he appears to have a rough and rugged exterior, this fluffy boy loves classic Nintendo videogames and his adorable dogs, Jax and Thad. Despite his constant goofiness (e.g., “accidentally” breaking sinks, intentionally sliding head-first into cabinets), Patrick is undoubtedly one of the most caring and sincere individuals you’ll find on campus. He’ll always be there when you need someone to confide in, laugh with, or seek advice from, so y’all are truly lucky to have him as your O-Week Coordinator.

- Aaron Wong and Nicky Joseph (Lovett '18)

Maximilian Murdoch '20

Max  Murdoch


Lovett '20 | HIST, GERM | Martindale, TX

In the words of the great Maximilian Fielding Murdoch the Third, “Howdy howdy howdy, y’all.” This man bun-sportin’, pie makin’, longboardin’ hipster/ hick hails from Martindale, Texas and is instantly recognizable by his perchant for suspenders and his distinctive hip-swinging dance moves. This History and German Studies major and all-around encyclopedia of knowledge can recite the entire Alamo letter from memory and always has an interesting historical factoid to share. When he’s not fixing everything around Lovett with his handyman skills or singing strange folk songs that no one has ever heard of, you can catch Max geeking out over German grammar as a tutor with Rice’s language department or trying really really hard not to accidently embezzle money in his role as Lovett Treasurer. Max is always happy to share his opinions on everything from men’s pants to the pronunciation of the word “pecan”. He may have risen to stardom in the critically acclaimed Texan Max trilogy (look this up on Youtube), but his true peak will be serving as your O-Week Coord this year. With Max in your life, you can look forward to car rides whenever you need them, many cozy cups of tea, and high-quality hugs.

- Rose Kantorczyk, Mira Dani, and Taylor Dewoody (Lovett '20)

Welcome New Lovetteers!